Hello! My name is Oleg Peters and I’m graphic designer with specialization in logo and corporate identity. I have more than 10 years of the professional experience. I live in Moscow, Russia and currently hired at Mildberry Brand Building Solutions. Feel free to contact me at any time: hello@yarvu.ru.


Ancient temples and giant skyscrapers, small streets and multi-level interchanges, quiet parks and noisy shopping districts. Millions of lights, glowing neon signs, noise of crowd and chatter of cicadas. Japan is in future, but past and present has not gone. This book is about three weeks in Japan in September, 2010.

Around Iceland

Iceland is water, wind and the Vikings. And wind with water over and above. We have visited Reykjavik, travelled around Iceland by the highway 1, saw canyons and mountains, rivers and glaciers, waterfalls and geysers. And one arctic fox. This book is about a two-week trip around Iceland in September, 2012.